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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Special Australian Day

Looking forward the special Hop!
2:30PM It will come to this page.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Aussie Blog Hop

Feature Art is an art paper designing company located in South Australia.
All our paper product is Designed and Printed in Australia. 
We are a 100% Australian owned company. We uphold Australian heritage and history to all national and international paper craft lovers.

We have paper sample packs available, please contact us for more details. 
PH: 08 8381 2531
FAX: 08 8381 8773

Here is our collections review:

1. Golden Memories - Australiana Paper

FAS-137 Australia
FAS-138 Australia Flora

FAS-139 Australia Emblems
FAS-140 Koala

FAS-142 Kangaroo
FAS-144 Country Life
FAS-143 Southern Journey
FAS-145 Vintage Cars
FAS-146 1800S
FAS-147 1900S
FAS-148 Australian Stories

2. Outdoor Passions - Sports Paper

FAS-113 Cricket

FAS-114 Footy

FAS-115 Cycling

FAS-118 Fishing

FAS-117 Rugby

FAS-116 Soccer

FAS-119 Cricket

FAS-120 Footy

FAS-122 Soccer

FAS-121 Cycling

FAS-123 Rugby

FAS-124 Fishing
FAS-126 Netball

FAS-127 Golf

FAS-125 Netball

FAS-128 Golf

FAS-131 Athletics

FAS-132 Athletics

FAS-133 Gymnastics

FAS-134 Gymnastics

FAS-135 Horse sports

FAS-136 Horse sports

FAS-129 Watersports

3. Teenagers

FAS-155 Skateboarding

FAS-157 in the park


FAS-159 Basketball

FAS-158 Basketball

FAS-160 martial arts

FAS-161 martial arts

FAS-162 st dancing

FAS-163 st dancing

FAS-164 music

FAS-165 music

FAS-166 tags

Card/Embellishments (A4 size, 2 sheets/pack)




EM158-martial arts


EM159-st dancing



4. Aussie Christmas

FAS-149 Merry Christmas

FAS-150 Jingle Bells

FAS-151 Summer Holiday

Fas-152 Santa Claus

FAS-153 On the beachside

FAS-154 Advent Calendar

5.Historical China - Authentic Asia paper

FAS-101 Lantern
FAS-102 Dragon
FAS-103 Rice Wine
FAS-104 Lotus
FAS-106 Phoenix

FAS-107 Auspicious

FAS-105 Zodiac

FAS-108 Lucky Flowers

FAS-110 Tea

FAS-111 China & Seal

FAS-109 Silk

FAS-112 Panda & Bamboo

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