Feature Art Design in South Australia

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Golden Memories -The Australian Paper Collection

All the paper ideas have come from extensive research and after consulting many Australian businesses.

I felt there was a great need to create the typical Australian way of life and uphold Australian heritage and history to all national and international paper craft lovers.

I have studied many books about Australian History, also icons and symbols of Australia.

Jane from Seriously Scrapbooking has given me a great help from last collection to this colletion. Her honesty opinion and experienced suggetsions has inspired me such.
There are also many other ladies who helped me lot from informations to the designs and themes.

I would like to thank all these ladies who have given me great help and encouragement from all around Australia: Jane, Robyn, Alice, Eve, April, Ann, Kylie, Leonie, Jeanette, Alicia, Colleen... Please forgive me if I forget all your names as there are so many people who have helped me.

Feature Art is just like my other baby. I would like to continuing exploring with it, enjoying the time with it, learning from it, cherishing it, growing with it...

I hope my papers can bring you, and your family, many good memories and much enjoyment from generation to generation.

Please join my blog and you are welcome to leave your suggestions for future designs.

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