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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How to make a quick easel card

Step1: prepare 2 sheets of black background card paper. one sheet is 6”X8”, another sheet is 3.5”X6”
Step2: fold first sheet on half, finish as right picture
Step3: fold half on the top again, finish as below
Step4: stick the tape on the top part of the first folded paper.
Step5: stick the 3.5”X6” paper on the top part
Step6: Cut the patterned paper to 9cmX4CM, stick them on the top sheet paper and inside sheet.
Step7: Cut the circle or square patterns from the sports paper, use foam sticky tape to stick on the top sheet paper.
Step8: Cut a 2.5cmX9cm black background card paper
Step9: choose your cards title: happy birthday or best wish, and stick it on the black background. the golden and silver sticky title would be perfect to fit this area.

it is so easy, why not try it now!

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