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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pocket Card Instruction

1.Cut the A4 card stock in half,  you will get 2 sheets of 14.8X21cm.

2.fold it in the middle of the sheet, it will be 14.8X10.5cm.

3.Cut the corner piece of page FAS-165 Music size 14X10cm, and stick it on the card stock front.

4.Cut another piece of paper 6.5cm width from another half of FAS-165 Music, and cut it to be 6.5X16cm

5.Score the paper 1cm on each side, we will need this piece to make the pocket, so the pocket size will be 4.5X14cm.

6.Cut off the corner part of the pocket paper to make the edge to be easily folded

7.Put the sticky tape on 3 sides of the pocket paper, no sticky tape on the top side edge, we need the pocket opened.

8.choose one of the strips from EM-160 Music Embellishments, cut if off to 14cm long and stick it on the top edge of the pocket. so the pocket has been finished.

9.choose some square patterns from FAS-164 Music and cut it to make the bookmark or tags.

10. Insert the bookmark or tags into the pocket.
The bookmark is useful for teenagers as they do reading everyday. And the tags are useful for the important notice as they have different classes every day.

Thanks for spending time to read this instruction, hope you enjoy it, so grab a sheet of paper and do your own style for your teens.

For More information, please send email to Linna

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