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Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Single Sheet of Paper

My Story - Keep designing

I just came back from the printing factory. Phew, finally I approved the press check for my newest collection - Let's Cruise.
I have been doing the printing design for so many years now, but every time is a new start for me. 
After a long term designing process, finally it came to the printing process. For every collection I have to check my work "thousand times" on computer to make sure there are no mistakes:
I check colours, grammars, patterns, barcodes, fonts... Every detail has been "scanned" under my eyes at least more than 5 times.
English is my second language, I know I am not as good as native speakers, so I spend much more time to do my work, to make sure all the words and spelling are correct.
After so many steps, (or so many late nights working until 2am) I am finally happy to send my work to the printing company.
The final step of making a single sheet of paper is doing the press check- I have to make sure I am happy with the actual paper I see, make sure the color goes right, make sure both sides of paper are matching, make sure all the changes I made are correct...
It is just a single sheet of paper, but I have put all my effort to every inch of the paper.
Because I love designing, I love my products.
Designing and printing in Australia makes me feel proud of my paper. :)
- Linna

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