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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Historical China Paper Design

I learnt scrap booking 6 month ago when I visited my customer, she showed me that a  scrap booking photo album. She also showed me the paper stock in her store.
Suddenly, I had the inspiration that I can design the Chinese scrapbooking paper. I know there are many Australian people traveled to Asia before and they really like Asia culture.
but there are not many true Chinese cultural designed paper in the current market.
I know how beautiful Chinese culture is and I want to show the beauty through my paper and provide the unique design for the paper craft industry.
This is the reason for me started to design my first paper collection: Historical China Collection.
I spent 3 month to design the 12 papers, and spent another month to find the right printing company in Australia.
I am the mother of a 4 years old girl, time for me is so precious. I had to grab any time which I can use. so I normally worked on midnight which it was the only time for me can concentrate on my work.
I am lucky for I had 12 years graphic designer experience. Even I am new in this industry, but I have learnt lot each day.
Here it is, the 12 designs as you can see. Every design can bring you back into the historical china, and  your wonderful memories.

You also can find the paper stories from my website: www.featureart.net.au
FAS-101 Lantern Festival
FAS-102 Dragon
FAS-103 Rice Wine
FAS-104 Lotus
FAS-105 Zodiacs
FAS-106 Phoenix
FAS-107 Auspicious
FAS-108 Lucky Flowers 
FAS-109 Silk 
FAS-110 Tea 
FAS-111 China & Seal 
FAS-112 Panda & Bamboo

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